Long weekend in the archipelago with friends

Our top 12 adventurous activities for a long weekend on Sävö.

  1. Walk or run the fabulous marked ‘Sörmland trail’ and ‘Sävö trail’.
  2. Rent SUP or canoe and paddle around the island.
  3. Swim in the sea at your own bay and barbecue sausages that can be purchased from our café.
  4. Meditate on Kikarberget and enjoy the endless view over the sea.
  5. Visit the island’s unique art hut where Gunborg Karlsson exhibits and paints.
  6. Relax in a lovely, newly built wood-fired sauna at Sävö farm.
  7. Check out the small museum, Lotsutkiken, and learn everything about the pilots’ lives back in the day.
  8. Stroke newly born lambs at Sävö farm and see the cows on the hiking trail.
  9. Take a selfie beside Stella Maris, the island’s own protective spirit and write in her visitors’ book.
  10. Make an excursion to the popular Stendörren and walk around on suspension bridges between the small islands in the Baltic.
  11. Enjoy home-made cakes or pies in our orchard.
  12. Download the geocaching app and find all 14(!) items of hidden treasure on the island.

Tips: Check out our food packs to make your packing easier!